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Quick Tip: Getting An Animation Made To Describe Your Business

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Companies often want to have demo animations created to quickly and concisely describe their business on their home page or tech blogs. Below, I’ve pasted an email on the subject from Stephen Gill, Co-founder of Leadonomics, from a Philly Startup Leaders email chain.

Note the last line: Very early stage startups shouldn’t be using their limited cash on this in the first place.

DHM London does some of Google’s videos. They recently did this one.

Here’s a list of the best “explainer video” production companies that I’ve been able to find:


The good ones will interview you, write the script and produce the video. You usually pay by the minute and they charg more for music, animation, sound effects etc.

One of the better companies is (1/29), I got a quote and they range from $10-20k, but you always get what you pay for.

Epipheo is also good, they did Solve Media’s video. I’m not sure how much they run.

I’ve looked at a lot of companies on Elance and did not find anyone impressive.

The original common craft paper videos are upwards of $50k.

As a startup I would recommend just making a simple slideshow and thinking about a real video later on. Most likely your pitch will pivot down the road anyway.

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  1. Thanks a lot. Now I know how to make my business page.

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