Quick Tip: How To Get Quality Business Cards Made Quickly

FedEx Office – and many private printers – don’t have thick enough paper to make quality business cards. They’re too thin, bend, and look lame.

Also beware of many digital printers, who pixelize the crap out of your nicely designed card.

My recommendation, after big disappointments by FedEx Office and three other reasonably priced printers on their thickest card stock: overnightprints.com

  1. Spend the extra few $ for the Premium, not Value cards (Value cards are printed digitally, which means more pixelization, vs. Premium cards which are offset printed)
  2. Get gloss on the back of your card – it adds extra thickness to make your card feel like you didn’t print it out at home. However, don’t add gloss on the front, as it’s not typical and looks sort of strange
  3. Look up “overnight prints coupon codes” on Google – you can usually get 30-50% off. They don’t seem to try very hard to prevent this because…
  4. …Overnight Prints has cheap cards that turn out nice, but they destroy you on shipping. You can save a lot of money if you’re willing to wait a couple of weeks. Shipping can be $70 for one set of cards on really short notice, but $10 if you can wait