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  1. Moving Past The Idea
    1. You have an idea, now what
    2. Getting smart on the industry – resources
    3. Building your personal brand
  2. Presenting
    1. How to build your elevator pitch
    2. How to build your pitch deck
    3. Tightening up your pitch deck
    4. Building a screencast demo
    5. Where to get a pro demo animation built
  3. The Biggest Questions Facing Your Company
    1. The most important questions you’re going to be asked
    2. Customer acquisition is your biggest problem
    3. That dumb video is not viral strategy
    4. Choosing your target customers is not optional
  4. Fundraising
    1. Should you raise money, and from whom?
    2. Should you apply to an incubator?
    3. Technical aspects of raising money
  5. Building
    1. You need a technical co-founder
    2. How we built our engineering team
    3. Building a site using outsourcing
    4. When to start UI/UX testing
    5. Opinion: More visuals, less UI